Winter hats for the kids

October always feels like the start of colder months. As I write this, it’s actually quite mild outside but the other day it was freezing. The most important thing for me, is to dress my boy in natural fibres, whether it be cotton, wool or cashmere.  I don’t wear synthetics as they make me over heat and then a bit sweaty and uncomfortable so that’s why I wouldn’t dress my boy in them.

So, in preparation for chilly windy days and later on, freezing mornings and evenings, especially, here are some of the most beautiful hats I have found for you:

Olivier baby £32

Lala and Bea £29


Toastie Pig £45

Four Fairies and a Prince £31

Bumble and Ava £18

Juniper $17

Oeuf NYC £51

Baby Alpaga £39

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