Trees bees and marshmallows

I meet Corri (and her gorgeous boy Hugo), one miserable rainy December morning at no other than the National Army Museum in Chelsea. We’ve organised this play date as she’s down from Derby for a couple of days to visit some friends in London, AND to come and support my first blogger event. I have never met Corri before this or even spoken to her on the phone. But we have been IG “friends” for a good few months so why the hell not meet?!

I hope she reads this and thinks the same, if not, it doesn’t matter…I had a ball :)! So instantly, I like her a lot! Corri is buzzing with energy, she’s full of life and I notice myself copying (trying to) her northern accent like a kid might copy their best friend at school. There’s something rather graceful about her in her excited personality though, and I later discover she’s a dancer. Not a ballerina but a dancer… “I danced in catwalk fashion shows, touring theatre shows, Cabaret and corporate events dancing and promoting different brands.” It all makes sense. And her way of living ticks these boxes too. She’s fit, she’s healthy, she knows what her body needs in order to be able to dance!

She’s come bearing gifts and loads me up with her delicious TREES BEES AND MARSHMALLOWS body lotion, bubbles and shampoo, body butter and balm. So after our day out, which involved soft play, pizza and a quick fly by in Zara, we wave each other goodbye so I can run home and try these golden goodies.

Corri, Hugo and I (and little E asleep in the pushchair) in Zara after dosing on pizza!

That evening I immediately try the bubble bath on my little boy! Yes, that’s the beauty.. all her products are 100% natural so can be used on baby skin too! The smell is gorgeous and relaxing and the bubbles are generous! Thumbs up from us both.

Then comes the body butter… this has a really thick consistency to it but melts in your hands rather quickly. Like butter! Again amazing smell and what I loved most about this is that it penetrates the skin very quickly!

The body lotion is now a staple ritual for my little one. He knows that after the bath, mama now wants to slather him in this cream. Babies have cute smelling skin, yes! But toddlers who.don’t.stay.still. for one second… well that’s a whole other story 😂😂

and the balm.. now let’s just say it’s saying my hands. Pushing a pushchair during very cold days, completely disintegrates my hands so having this balm in my handbag means I can basically put a protective barrier on top of my already cracked skin so that not only does it not get worse but it heals. Love this!!!!

Enough about me though, and more about my gorgeously talented IG mate, Corri, founder of TREES BEES AND MARSHMALLOWS:

What’s behind the name?

I started throwing a few words around. I was just thinking of nature and natural ingredients, herbs and oils and these three words had a ring. Trees, Bees and Marshmallows. The Marshmallows I was thinking was Marshmallows root not the sweet sticky form, it’s used as a herb. Actually marshmallow root was used to make the original Marshmallows as we know them today. It was a slight play on words as it’s a natural herb but the majority of us see it as a soft squishy sweet. Wanting to cater more for the pregnancy and baby Market, I thought it resembles nature but also resembles something soft, cute and squishy like a baby.

What got you into it?

I suffered skin irritations (eczema ) as a kid, I would religiously moisturise to try and rid the irritation. I became interested in the products the doctor would prescribe and what was in our skincare. Learning skin is a reflection of our diet, environment and lifestyle, largely being triggered by unnecessary ingredients found in the majority of skincare, it opened my eyes. why would we put things on our skin that we don’t need and dont really help and can cause problems.
A few years back I started to experiment with making my own natural products for myself. The cosmetic industry is rather unregulated. marketing is clever and you can only trust what’s really in a product by reading the ingredients.
When I was expecting Hugo, I knew I wanted to keep it as natural as I could, breastfeeding, freshly cooked food when the time came and I never wanted to put anything on his skin that contained unnecessary ingredients. So I could trust that only the best was being use, I decided to source the best ingredients and make skincare for him. I didn’t want Hugo to have skin complaints like myself so I wanted to do all I could to prevent it.
I made stretch mark oil for myself and a baby range for Hugo.

What’s been the biggest challenge?

The initial thought of making skincare and possibly selling has been more complicated than I expected. As I don’t have a background in cosmetics, beauty or making products. It was just a love, interest and passion. I didn’t know the process you needed to go through and cost to get products to market. As I decided to start a little business while on maternity with limited funds, it took longer than expected for me to be able to show and sell the natural products we had been using.

Describe your beauty routine…

Argan oil or rose hip oil is great for the eye area. I alternate I will dab Pure Argan or rosehip oil around the eyes as an eye cream.
Wash, tone and moisturise during the day. I am currently using liz Earle, I like to try other natural skincare as I don’t always have time to make my own. A lot of the time I will actually use our Baby Hair and Body wash as a face wash and the baby Body Lotion Or unscented body butter as a face cream.
At night I like to put Vitamin E oil on my face and let it soak in.

What’s in your make up bag? 

I don’t really wear make up. However when I need to look my very best, I’m a fan of Charlotte Tilbury. Foundation, mascara, eyebrows are important and you can never go wrong with a bright lipstick. When it comes to make up this is an area you can’t keep, completely natural, so I try to avoid wearing it.

What’s your favourite product in your range?

At the moment our Body Butters. As there are newest products, I’ve enjoyed trying and testing the textures and new scents. I love to feel moisturised, I have pots dotted about the house for when I need my moisture fix.

Where would you like to be this time next year?

I would love to have our brand/products recognised as a trusted natural skincare brand by many. I hope all that buy our products love and enjoy them and realise, you just don’t need petroleum or synthetic products and the natural way is the best way. Have Liberty’s stock our products.

Some fun facts about you:

Mint or sage?

Lemon or orange?
Lemon. Lemon and water first thing In the morning.

Sausage or steak?
Steak keep it real, sausages have too much rubbish in them.

Cat or dog?
Definitely a dog person.

Beach or ski slope?
Beach. Vitamin d is great for your skin.

Night out or take away?
Night out but home early for a take away.

Indian or Italian food?
Oooo no I’m a real foodie can’t choose, ok pizza.


  1. Corri rodgers
    7th January 2018 / 9:54 am

    This is so lovely to read, Thankyou. Hugo and I throughly enjoyed meeting you and E, when’s the next time. xxx

    • thestarwhisperer
      7th January 2018 / 10:13 am

      Tomorrow? 🙂 x

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