Ten skincare

Born out of a mother’s desire to use only the best natural skin-pampering products, -TEN-® was the brainchild of Amanda Ling, mother and CEO of NOVA Medical Supplies. Created when Amanda had her first child, -TEN-® contains lab-quality natural ingredients, well documented for their skin boosting benefits. “I wanted a range of beautiful boutique skincare that used nothing but the best natural ingredients and thanks to my contacts within the medical world I was able to work with a leading skincare and cosmeceutical manufacturer in Italy to create -TEN-,” says Amanda.  

Baby bath milk £11.00 (200ml)

“Enriched with almond oil and aloe vera, the baby milk helps the skin retain its moisture. With a ‘tear free’ formulation, babies can enjoy and have fun splashing around as much as they want.”

The baby bath milk has a real baby scent to it. It’s cuddly and warm and makes you feel like your holding a newborn again. The bath milk doesn’t produce many bubbles but for me that’s not a problem as my little boy only eats them anyway!

Baby natural shampoo £11.00 (200ml)

“Formulated with chamomile extracts and wheat proteins, this no-tear shampoo has been specially made to gently cleanse and nourish your baby’s delicate and fine hair. The natural ingredients help maintain the natural balance of the scalp, keep hair shiny and soft and untangle messy knots.”

The shampoo smells gorgeous. Similar to the bath milk but even more softer and babyish. It foams up very well and comes off quicker than other shampoos I usually use on my little one. And completely tear free! It left his hair so soft and curly!

Baby cleansing foam £11.00 (150ml)

“contains natural oil extracts of calendula and chamomile, which gently protect your baby’s hydrolipidic film (the skin’s natural protective barrier) by helping it retain its natural moisture balance. The easy-to-use pump dispenser is perfect for mums on the move, -TEN-® Baby Cleansing Foam makes messes melt away with tiny bubbles that get right into those hard to reach creases and can simply be rubbed into the skin or wiped away with a tissue.”

The cleansers smell is slightly less attractive than the other two products above but by all means, it is not smelly! It just has a soapy after smell, which personally, I’m not keen on. But the foam does rub in very easily and doesn’t leave a sticky residue as I had imagined. I’m not so sure how I’d or when I’d use this.

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