Sheepers : slippers you’ll never take off!

It’s getting cold outside baby! Autumn is here and winter will be next! If you’re anything like me you’ll be very excited to start wrapping up warm with fur, sheepskin, cashmere…anything natural and cosy!!!

So I’m very excited to introduce an Anglo-polish brand to you, called SHEEPERS. They have everything from baby booties and mittens to blankets and adult slippers!! And the great thing is the price! Adult slippers are priced on average at £25! You don’t see big sheepskin chains charging that reasonable!! Also you can be matching with your kids- I can’t wait to do that Witt mine in our Sheepers  :)!

Sheepers  was founded in 2015 by Nicola Skowronek. A designer in London by day, Nicola’s soul is in Poland where she first discovered Sheepers.

Nicola grew up wearing the cosy slippers – when she visited her family in Poland as a child, the Skowronek would all wear them to keep warm when the temperature dropped below zero degrees.

The slippers always held fond family memories for Nicola, and she had a dream to bring the slippers back with her to London so others can experience the same comfort and quality she experienced as a child, and so Sheepers was born.

I asked Nicola a few questions in order to learn a little more about her!

Tell me about your childhood in Poland…what brought you to London and when?
I was born in London, but I travelled to Poland throughout my childhood as thats where my family is from. We would always go in the summer & Christmas holidays.

How can you keep costs of the slippers so low? Usually sheepskin slippers are over the £50 mark at least!
They are low because sheepers wants everyone wearing them, polish people live in sheepskin, it keeps them warm in the winter months.

Do you visit the manufacturers in Poland yearly? If so, tell me what inspires you the most when you visit.
I go throughout the year for holidays mostly and have a big project coming up over there very soon. EXCITING TIMES.

What were you doing before sheepers? What made you change?
I am a graphic designer in central London, I love design but I really want to work for myself and be my own boss. I want to be able to work when I want and still have a life, as its not all about work 🙂

Which country do you sell most in? Where would you like to crack next?
UK and USA, I really would love to crack Russia!

Tell me something special about sheepers that all your loyal and new customers should know!
Every item is handmade by artisan craftsmen and craftswomen, they specialise in these products and have done for years!

How does your sizing come up? True to size?
Mainly true to size but sometimes with the thicker sheepskin always get the next size up!

Make sure to visit WWW.SHEEPERS.CO.UK to find the slippers of your dreams for ALL the family!


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