Romeo and Jules stationery

Stationery beholds some of our most precious thoughts, words, ideas, dreams and sometimes even confessions… there is nothing more beautiful or sentimental than receiving a bespoke letter or ordering your own lettered notelets or personalised wedding invites.

The first thing we do, as professionals, is proudly hand over our business cards. The first gesture when someone is born is to send them a card. I could go on and on but you get the gist, I’m sure!

And ROMEO AND JULES isn’t just any stationery brand. It is bespoke and raw and stylish and more! Not only because the face behind the brand is fantastically yummy, super mama of two boys, Jennifer Grant!

I worked with Jenn for just over 5 years and have seen her finesse and precision, hands on, as an art director at British Vogue (previous to this she was art director at US GQ). She would work tirelessly to make sure her work looked amazing, clean, edgy but natural and it’s through that passion of giving it her all, that I know she will go far… like really far, with this great new venture of hers!

And why did she leave her top tiered role at super glossy fashionable Vogue? “It was a tough one, but in the end, I found that I craved the flexibility of a creative position that still allowed for school pickups and extra cuddles with my two young boys.

I find that being my own boss gives me better balance. I have always had an incredible love for all things stationery related thus the desire to build it a brand that supports that love. I even made my own business cards when I was 6 years old…just in case!! Luckily my design skills have improved since then so I decided to turn my passion into a small business, focusing on bespoke items mainly.”

So whether you need some new business cards, personalised notelets or gift tags, to name only a few, you know where your first stop destination is! Right here: WWW.ROMEOANDJULESSTATIONERY.COM

Here are 10 questions to know a little more about Jenn from Romeo and Jules stationery:

Calibri or Lucinda handwriting font and why?
Neither! A woman never tells her secrets!

Gin & tonic or Campari spritz?
G&t baby…might just have to pour myself one now!

Black cat or white dog?
White dog

London or New York?
London in the winters and New York in the summers

Sweets or chocolate?

Pyjamas or silk slips?
Pyjamas…my lucky husband!

David Attenborough or keeping up with the kardashians?
KUWTK…my dirty little secret

Real or fake fur?
Fake, apart from my grandmothers

Red or pink?

Italic or bold?
Big and bold!


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