Review: THULE urban glide 2

We are very lucky to have a family home in Sardinia. We often come and go as a family as the boys (yes!! Thank god Lupo loves it too!) love the beach!

It’s always been an absolute nightmare though trying to figure out the best way to get to the beach and how on earth to manoeuvre beach towels, pushchair, parasol, toys, changing bag and picnic basket, with toddler in tow. We managed, just about, with a simple stroller until now. But with one adult relatively free, the resistancy of a pushchair against the sand was bearable.

With two kids, one who is on the spectrum and therefore does not follow any instructions and just runs off, so we need to hold his hand at all times, and the other just 6 months old, we HAD to try and find a solution. Yes, quite a first world problem, but a problem nonetheless for us.

I came across the Thule urban glide 2 last summer. I’d seen a family glide (yes it makes sense now with the name) across the floury sand without any hassle. I even remember she was steering with one hand. It stuck with me. I needed to have that ease…

So here we are… I tested out the Thule urban glide 2 pushchair, not as a running buggy, because that’s ultimately what it is, but I do not run, lol, but as a buggy perfect for the beach loving adventurer who just wants ease and flexibility.

First things first. We have two kids. They need different belt positions. EASY! Sooooo easy! Just pull down or up for the shoulder length and pull down to make straps shorter. So simple and something I really appreciate as the boys often alternate sitting down.

Both Edoardo and Lupo were very comfortable in the pushchair. The suspension is incredible and means it rocked both the boys to sleep nearly every time they went in it. But also the buggy board fitted perfectly on it so that was a huge help too!

In terms of manoeuvrability, the Thule UG2 is smoooooooth! As demonstrated to me last summer, it’s a one handed pushchair. It’s stable but bouncy, big but compact. There are two brakes. One in the centre back bottom and one on the handlebar. As mentioned, I don’t run, BUT I do run down hills while driving pushchairs as I’m quite light and the weight drags me down. This characteristic was amazing for the mountainous areas where we stayed as I looked as cool as a cucumber, totally in control of my kids ;)!

The pushchair is wide but we had absolutely no trouble getting into any doorway and it folds so easily and it’s incredibly compact if you take off the back wheels with one push of a button.

The urban glide 2 retails at £600. Not cheap but less than your other big brands. It really proved to be the pushchair of dreams and I score it 10/10. I absolutely love my bugaboo but this came out far better! The fact you can’t change the seat around to face you would be my only criticism, BUT I’d say Lupo and Edo were absolutely delighted by this so that they didn’t have to see my face the whole time haha!

Check out the Thule website for more info:

*the pushchair was a gift but I am under no obligation to review it positively. These are my honest feelings about the product*

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