Pippins childrenswear: sustainable denim

Make do and mend is the tag line behind this eco friendly, sustainable children’s brand.

Kaye Stanton, founder and designer of PIPPINS, is a mama to a little girl with a past in the vintage clothing industry.

Her denim childrenswear, designed in England and made in Yorkshire, is created from 100% recycled grade A denim using clothes tags made from 100% cotton t-shirt scraps.  She doesn’t use any plastic in her packaging and she aims to produce as little waste as possible.

As you can tell Kaye at Pippins is incredibly passionate about sustainability and doing her bit for the environment. And hats off to her as she is a needle in a haystack for sure!

Tell me your background. What were you doing before this? 

I am a seamstress by trade and had been working in the vintage clothing industry for many years. I kept coming across vintage Levi’s legs being sent to landfill once they had been cut off from 501’s to make shorts. I wanted to make use of such a beautiful, hardwearing, and iconic material. I think Levi’s is the best denim you can buy!

How easy is it to obtain the scraps of levis denim? do you actually have to go scavaging for them or are they readily obtainable?

I have valuable relationships with traders from working in the vintage clothing industry. They are pleased for me to be reconstructing their waste denim. As it grieves them to waste the denim as they have paid for it as a whole product and don’t really want to throw it away.

Do levis know?

Levi’s don’t know of my company as I only work with vintage waste not any of their current factory waste but I would love to collaborate with them in the future. I know of other brands reconstructing other branded products that were destined for waste and they look great!

where do you see the brand going in the next 6-12 months?

My ambition for Pippins for 2018 is to become established amongst the well known independent children’s brands. I would love people to understand the sustainable story behind the brand, and pay that little bit more for their children’s clothing whilst buying less. I appreciate it’s hard for parents when their children are growing so quickly, and ruin their clothes so easily. But fortunately, our jeans and dungarees turn ups are designed to grow with the child, and the denim just gets better with each wash and age. However, the big ambition is to get stocked in Liberty’s, it’s my love!

Whats the meaning behind your brand name?

There is actually no meaning behind the brand name. A long time ago I had a bakery and tea room, and whilst having this business I came across a sweat old fashioned grocery shop called ‘Pippins’ (It’s a type of an apple) and thought if I ever have a children’s brand thats what I would call it.

Where does your inspiration, when designing, come from?

For design, It firstly comes from the limitations of the denim I am working with as that is the main reason I created the brand so it always has to be inclusive of this, Secondly, when I had my little girl, I realised I couldn’t find any comfortable, robust, and unisex denimwear for kids so this is really important to me in my design.

For inspiration, I find my daughter is really good at helping me see the world a little differently, and it’s inspirational how she finds enjoyment and pleasure in simple everyday actions. I am also a little obsessed with the simplicity and beautiful cuts of traditional Japanese clothing.

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