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“WELCOME 2018! I know it’s going to be a good one.Instead of so many resolutions, let’s try to enjoy every moment as it comes and be the best that we can be.  This is our only life and time goes by so fast!!” This is Maria Jose’ Freeman’s (AKA JOEY) INSTAGRAM caption today and I couldn’t agree more with every single word she has written.

And so this post is not about New Years resolutions and fitness and health and all the cliches we hear too much of on the 1st of January, but it’s purely to introduce you to Joey – a cool, talented, honest and fab mama who is offering low priced classes (£100 for a block of 10 lessons, to be used within 3 months, or £12 for a single lesson at her SW18 home, in leafy green Southfields.  She also offers private lessons all over London, price to be discussed with her directly).

Born and raised in Chile, (you can tell from her fiery, blunt, passionate and utterly fabulous character), until her University studies, including her PHD in flight biochemicals, took her to America.  She then came to the UK, precisely Leeds, where she continued her love of science and research and studied flight control.  This was meant to be a 3 year stint where she would then return to the states to become a professor, but as most love stories go, she met an Englishman who was to be her husband and father of their beautiful 3 year old girl, Antonia (pictured below, following in her mamas footsteps :)!!!)
I am not sporty, but I tried a couple of Joey’s classes (see picture for proof below 😂 and also joined by fellow mama blogger RUPERT AND MUMMY) and I was pleasantly surprised.  Not because I could do the exercises… many I couldn’t, but her relaxed and encouraging approach, as well her as eagle eye to detail, gave the class a well rounded structure.  One where you can have a giggle at yourself but also one where your butt feels like a rock and hurts like hell the next day!

What got you into Pilates? I always loved sports and exercise. I used to do lots of yoga, running and swimming. After having Antonia I started feeling a tremor in my head that then developed into a neurological disorder called cervical dystonia. The neurologist told me that Pilates would help me with my condition so I immediately started going to classes.

At the classes I always felt that I wasn’t doing the exercise right, I didn’t really understand what I was doing. That was the key for me to studying Pilates, to be able to learn it properly and then practise it at home.

At the beginning I didn’t think I wanted to become an instructor but the more I practised and after seeing how it was helping me with my posture and my pain, I thought that I could motivate people to incorporate pilates into their daily routine to help them age well and move safely. As a biomechanic scientist I have a really good understanding of movement and anatomy which is how I have incorporated my two loves, Pilates and science, together… giving one of my alumni the knowledge of how they are moving their bodies and knowing the benefits of this, gives me the drive that I need to get up and go, even when my Cervical Dystonia is in a bad way!

Where did you study to become a Pilates teacher? I studied at the BASI (Body Arts and Science International) Pilates, taught by Lisa Lamberti and Meredith Rogers at the Pilates Clinic in Wimbledon. I chose the BASI Pilates method because it is characterised by its Block System, basically a structured means of classifying and combining the 100s of exercises in the Pilates repertoire. This system ensures the structuring of classes within a flexible framework, creating sessions that are balanced, well rounded and addressing all planes of movements and multiple muscle groups. I guess it fits me as a scientist 🙂

Give me a quick breakdown of your classes…what can your clients expect? I always start my classes with a gentle warm up and a roll down to slowly start articulating the spine. As a BASI instructor my classes always incorporate the 6 parts of the block system mentioned above (Foundation, Abdominal work, Spine articulation, Bridging, Lateral flexion/rotation and Back extension)

 What’s behind the name, Pilates and Plates? In 2018, my brand will really take shape.  Pilates and Plates derives from my love of healthy eating, combined with my adoration of the strength and stability Pilates brings to my everyday life.  There is nothing better than a balanced life, so Pilates and Plates will bring you small concept pop up pods, all over London, where one can learn the art of knowing your body through Pilates as well as fuelling the body post of pre work out. Do SIGN UP to my website in order to be kept up to date on the first event!

For more information, please contact Joey directly on 07760218574.

Her website is launching soon, but do sign up to her newsletters HERE!



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