Papouelli: shoes for kids!

The name means nothing at all, but the brand means everything.  Founded in 2003, PAPOUELLI, originally named Papillon until 2012, is what one would call a children’s designer shoe shop. However, what I really love is that not everyone knows about them… in fact, they have a huge following but in a very niche market.  Their shoes are, first and foremost, of the highest quality leather, but they are also pretty and cool and wearable and just lovable all round. The ladies behind Papouelli have children, so they know that kids shoes must be practical, however to them (and to me!!) that doesn’t mean they have to be unattractive!

I never knew how difficult it was to buy shoes for children.  The high street is FULL of them but they are made of plastic more times than not. Then there are the specific high street shoe shops that have been around for years, but have rather dull and practical shoes, and then, thank god, there is Papouelli!

Owned by Maggie Snouck and Nicole Robinson, Papouelli has found itself three shops in London: Marylebone, Belgravia and Parsons Green.  Before Nicole and Maggie embarked in the world of shoes, they had very different careers. Maggie was in advertising and Nicole had her own business.  However, having children in the mix of their lives and their passion for shoes, inspired them to quit their jobs and delve into the world of children’s shoes.


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