Olverum bath oil- every mama’s staple beauty product…

I was sent Olverum (visit their website here!!!!!) bath oil to try by a lovely PR who assured me it was “every mama’s dream”. It’s one of those sentences you hear quite a lot and brush aside as surely the only dream a mama can have is to actually be able to sleep a full nights sleep? But nevertheless I was adamant to test this product out properly and not just indulge myself in a lovely new bath oil. So, when my three samples arrived, I gritted my teeth and gave two of them to other testers to get a fair review going! 

We all came back with pretty much the same response… we loved it. I personally didn’t manage to bathe in it but used it in the shower and absolutely loved the divine smell inside the shower and later on me. It definitely transported me to another world, for about 2 minutes, but that’s not the oils fault, that’s how long my showers are nowadays! 

Tester number two, who actually works for a leading aromatherapy/wellness brand, really liked the oil. She loved the packaging and said she would definitely buy based on that, but also was surprised to feel so relaxed and massaged after bathing in the “very high quality” oils.

Tester number three, also used it in the bath and loved the smell and the way in which she could feel her muscles relaxing.

In conclusion, Olverum seems to be quite a well kept secret, but as I was originally told, it really is what every mama should have on their bath shelf!

What’s even lovelier is the story behind it… In the 1920’s, Franz Otto Klein, a successful wine maker from the Mosei valley, looked after his own health and wellbeing by visiting his favourite spa in Baden Baden. In addition to the fine wines he created, Frank had two other great passions…travelling and essential oils.

When he found out that his favourite spa was no longer able to supply the wonderful blend of oils which had infused the baths he so much enjoyed, it seemed obvious to Franz and Edith, his wife, a chemist, that they should make their own.

It took them two years, in the year of 1931, of intense work to find the perfect blend which was of such extraordinary quality, it seemed to possess almost magical therapeutic and restorative properties. 

They made only 7 litres and gave it away to friends for Christmas. It was so well received that their friends were eagerly recommending it to their friends and also asking Frank and Edith for more. Their business, which happened over night, meant that the Kleins could barely keep up with the orders. Then in 1943, the war made it impossible to source oils of sufficient quality and Franz, unwilling to compromise, halted production.

In 1948, with demand still high for the oil the formula was retrieved and production restarted to a wider audience under the surveillance of Klein’s son, Peter. For export he renamed it Olverum, from the Latin Oleum Verum (meaning true oil). For many years Olverum survived on word of mouth, a cult product known in the UK to only a small number of passionate devotees. Now under British ownership, it has been relaunched with elegant packaging, but the oil stays true to its roots and remains the original formula, which has stood the test of time for eight decades.

Available at Liberty, London  and online at Olverum.com

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