Mince pies and carrots…my roundup of what you parents need for your kids this Christmas!

I’m not sure what to call this round up of things I love as it’s definitely not your usual targeted gift list. It’s a bit random and a bit ad hoc but it’s a few brands I love, put together, where ive incorporated them into Christmas Eve and Christmas Day festivities!

Let’s start with Christmas Eve & morning pyjamas… for the girls Faune is the only brand you should be looking at right now… £44

And for the boys, take a look at Martha’s Magic Wardrobe for some gorgeous Sleepy Doe ones! £30

A personalised bathrobe to snuggle up to on Christmas morning is just the thing from Isla and Wilbur. £35

Every girl needs a Juniperberry dress in their wardrobe. Especially if you’re NOT traditional on Christmas Day and would rather your child didn’t dress in red etc. Available in sizes 1-9 years £50.

And for every untraditional girl outfit, there’s a boy one too… Marni and Mowgli are a monochrome brand. If you know me, you’ll know that’s my dream! Check out this cute black kimono ensemble!

Hello Henry’s paper storage bags are a cool alternative to stockings… but get in there early with your personalised orders as this Christmas elf is very popular and very busy!

Rose Du B Illustrations will be a delightful addition to your nursery…trust me! Her website is currently under construction but do contact her on IG for any commissions. A Christmas print to treasure for years to come or an initial to hang in the bedroom! She does it all!

Treasure your babies milestones with Philippa Herbert’s castings. Memories will last a lifetime but it’s always good to have the proof too ;)!

Add a name tag to your child’s bedroom.. seventyseven84 is just the best for this! £27

I hope you’ve enjoyed this sparodic post! It’s been a tiresome morning with a grumpy two/nager!


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