Maxi Cosi LAIKA pushchair review

I used to swoon over handbags and wonder how someone could possibly live without them. Fast forward two and a half years and handbags are long gone from my daily mind.  Instead I have a changing bag, attached to the best walking accessory of all time – THE PUSHCHAIR!  Every mother will know that not one day goes by without using the pushchair.  It comes with us to the best of places and the worst of places. We love it, we hate it. But ultimately we cannot live without it!

And that’s why I was incredibly eager to test out a travel pushchair from Maxi Cosi, called the Laika.  Having travelled for over two years with a trusty Maclaren, I’ve learned to loathe it slightly.  My toddler seems very comfortable in it, but for me, I find it really hard to manoeuvre and so heavy to push!

I was sent the Nomad Grey with brown leather handle bars, which immediately I really liked.  Very chic and gender neutral, which is always very good when one is 5 months pregnant again!  The Laika only came out in winter 2018 but feels very familiar – in truth it’s mimicking the babyzen yoyo rather nicely, at a lower price, which is always a bonus for any family.

It’s so lightweight! It weighs just under 8kg and you can really feel it.  With one click and one move, the LAIKA either opens or closes and it has a little handle to carry it over your shoulders on.

My 2.5 year old sits very comfy in it and has room to even sit cross-legged which is a novelty that he rather likes.  There are 3 seating positions, one upright, one slightly inclined and one completely flat.  My only criticism is the completely flat is REALLY flat, head slightly upside down flat (Well not drastically, but you get the gist.) so I would rather it have been a little less flat but then that is just my taste and what I know my little one would also prefer.

The Laika isn’t heavy in the slightest and you can easily just use one hand to swerve corners etc.

It retails for £249 and comes with rain cover.

All in all, I give this pushchair a 7/10.  It is light, easy to drive and the design is spot on.  The things that I would change are the seating positions, the safety bar which you need to take off completely rather than swivel it round to put your child in, and the handlebar that isn’t adjustable.

Do watch this super video of the Laika in action:


*Please note that the pushchair was gifted to me in exchange for a review, however all opinions are my own and are exactly what I think*

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