Louis and Victorie, London: a Madagascan/french fancy

When I meet Heloise Rasolofo, one half of LOUIS AND VICTORIE LONDON, at a local fair she is partaking in, she leaves an impression on me as she is a warm and gentle lady, with a sparkle in her eye for the love she has of her brand.

As we start chatting, Madagascan born but French raised, Heloise tells me that’s shes been in charge of LOUIS AND VICTORIE LONDON for a year and a half, branching out her cousin’s (the other co-founder), already established French brand to London.  The brand is sweetly named after her cousins grandparents.

Her background has nothing to do with fashion or design, but instead Heloise was a paralegal in France.

If you read my blog often, you’ll probably know by now how much I LOVE that! I find it absolutely fantastic that when you’re world is, let’s be honest here, turned upside down by your darling kids, why not use that and shake up your career too? And Heloise will know this all too well being a mama of four!!!

LOUIS AND VICTORIE LONDON offers a gorgeous mix of children’s clothes from 3 months to 8 years. It’s a traditional but wearable brand using gorgeous fabrics and making sure everything they make is comfortable and easy to wear, however always having that touch of luxury that is so often quite hard to find.

How have you found launching a brand in the UK?

Its been such an exciting time! The English mentality is so different compared to the French one. You are so open minded, business is much easier than in France. Every single person I have contacted has always been helpful, which in my opinion has meant that the business has grown quicker than I could have ever expected.

What’s your heritage and is this reflected in Louis and Victorie London?

Madagascar is the leitmotiv (I had to look this up! It means a recurrent theme throughout 😉!) of the brand. My cousin and I are Malagasy and very proud of it. Most adults and kids know this country because of the great Disney movie but of course it’s so much more than that.
I was born in France and grew up in France but I have been married to a Malagasy. He has made me discover the country I come from in a way that I know feel like I really know who I am, knowing where my roots are from.  Madagascar is a part of me and I would love to spend the rest of my life speaking about it because even if it’s one of the poorest country, it is a country with a lot of love and values which we forget in Europe.

What’s your favourite item that you’ve ever made?
My favourite piece is a dress with a particular fabric, from Madagascar, that I fell in love with as soon as I saw it. I knew it would look gorgeous on my daughter and of course all my children are my inspiration.

As modelled by one of Heloise’s children.

What are your plans for 2018? Eshop !!!!!!! I am working hard on it.
I also want to communicate the brand more. As you can imagine, with English not being my first language, I was shy at the beginning, but the welcoming of the brand, by my clients, was amazing and this gives me the courage to speak up about Louis & Victorie London and not care too much whether my grammar is correct!

What’s the one thing you love and the one thing you hate about having your own business?

The thing I love about having my own business is the fact that I have met a lot of inspiring people! Running a small business can be very challenging with some ups and downs but sharing this with people who live the same way is very helpful. The community of small businesses is so united.

The thing I hate the most is doing my tax return 😂.
All the administration stuff is what I really don’t like.

You’re a mama of 4. How do you juggle being a mama and having a business?

I work when I have the time because I always put my family first.
My children told me that I use my phone too often for them so I am trying to turn my phone off from 3.30pm to 8.00pm because it’s mummy time but to be honest it is difficult. The best time for working, for me, is during the night when the house is quiet…but I am exhausted in the morning. Finding a good balance between work and family is one my 2018 resolutions !!!!!

LOUIS AND VICTORIE LONDON will be at the Abbeville Fete on 30th JUNE 2018! Go check out her amazing collection in the flesh!


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