Hotel Su Gologone, Sardinia

We’re on a mini break, back to Sardinia.. and yesterday we spent most of the day at the most stunning hotel and restaurant, HOTEL SU GOLOGONE.

Located in the Barbagia area, not far from a village called Oliena, it is about an hour and a half drive away from the more famous Costa Smeralda. But instead of the blues of the beautiful sea, here you are in the depths of the countryside so expect greens and colours instead: geraniums, hydrangeas, bougainvillea and prickly pears.

The hotel has been around for the last 50 years and is still family run and owned. In fact, the matriarch, Pasqua, of the hotel took us to our table, that’s how involved they all still are.

The story of the hotel began with a revolutionary idea. It seems incredible now, but when, in the 1960s, Peppeddu Palimodde began serving local cuisine close to the Su Gologone spring, he was responsible for bringing the Supramonte region out of historical isolation. ‘When we were engaged,’ recalls his wife, Pasqua, ‘Peppeddu wanted to do something to celebrate the land he loved. He thought opening a restaurant was the perfect way to do this. When we returned from our honeymoon, he’d convinced me it was a good idea.’

In 1967, Oliena’s first ever restaurant, Su Gologone, opened its doors. No one could have predicted that the simple food locals cooked every day would have such an impact. The restaurant was such a success that the Palimodde family opened a small hotel to accommodate the stream of visitors arriving from abroad to taste their cuisine. Slowly, tourists were realising there was a different Sardinia to be discovered beyond the island’s beautiful beaches.

Today, travellers are welcomed by Pasqua and her daughter, Giovanna. Giovanna has transformed the hotel into a world-renowned destination, creating interiors which feature the works of major Sardinian artists and furnishings made in Su Gologone’s own Botteghe d’Arte. She also designed alfresco settings such as the Terrazzo del Sogni, Terrazzo dei Desideri and Magico Tablao bar, and plenty of hidden corners you’ll discover during your stay.

A true gem not to be missed if your heading to the magical island!


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