Handpicked by Kate

The name speaks for itself as everything on Handpicked by Kate, is quite frankly gorgeous! And it is very much handpicked by Kate Williams, the founder. She has an eye for detail and an ear to chatter that brings us, her present and future customers, an array of items for the home, fashion, kids and more! And she loves a challenge if you want something in particular that you can’t find yourself!

Her brands include Projectityyny, Gussy & Lou, Bardot Living and Rosanna Lonsdale.

As you can imagine, I fell in love with her kids section and literally NEED everything below for my little boy!! Ok and the Tiara for me, I suppose!

Tell me a bit about you…. I grew up in Wiltshire in a lovely village where my parents still live. After graduating from the University of Manchester I moved straight to London and began working that summer for an events company. After 5 years there, I decided to follow my passion and work in the homewares industry. Whilst working for Neptune in their design team I decided it was time to start Handpicked by Kate which I worked on in the evenings and weekends. It wasn’t until May this year that I went full time on the site.

What made you start Handpicked by Kate? I absolutely adore discovering new and unique brands. My weekends are spent wandering antiques markets, craft fairs and flea markets looking for beautiful pieces to fill my home with. My passion for discovering new brands combined with constantly being asked by friends for gift ideas and the best places to sort high end and unique homewares made me decide to launch Handpicked by Kate. I wanted a place to celebrate and support these brands which I had discovered along the way.

What is your daily motivation? It has to be when a new brand joins the site – it fills me with so much joy that this brand who has created something so beautiful also wants to put their faith and support in me and let me feature it on my curated site. I also get such pleasure from receiving fab emails from customers who have either bought a present for a friend or received one and they are so pleased with how special and unique it is.

Do you have any children? No kids at the moment. I have 3 brothers and my husband Charlie has 2 older sisters so we have 9 nieces and nephews between us! I adore them all and it is definitely an insight into how chaotic life becomes! I admire all these amazing mothers who run their own businesses as I just don’t know how they find the time to do so, hopefully they will be able to give me their top tips when it’s my turn!

How do you source your brands?There are so many different ways I find my brands – craft shows and trade fairs are the obvious ones. But also friends recommendations, Instagram, magazines, exploring new places when on holidays, pop up events, so many ways!

Best trade show? that’s a tricky one… I don’t think there has been one which has completely stood out yet! The House of Garden Festival (Spirit of Christmas) is always a good one to attend.

What’s the long term plan? I would love to add a wedding gift list feature to the site and this is something I am looking into. So many friends have asked if I could do this and I think it’s such a great idea. Gone are the days of the old fashioned toaster and towels on the wedding list. We are all so intrigued by the story behind each piece and the artisan who makes it that I think the chance to have a wedding list made up of beautiful and unique brands, like those we feature, would be an amazing alternative.

Online only or is a bricks and mortar shop a future dream? I would love to open a shop but for now I am just sticking to online. Maybe once we move out of London I would consider it I would love being able to dress the shop with all our beautiful pieces and meeting my customers on a daily basis but at the moment it’s not really something I am looking into.

What makes Handpicked by Kate different? At Handpicked by Kate we offer you a complete lifestyle shopping experience. There is something for you, the home, your kids, your dogs, for him all under the same roof and all from individual and unique brands. We also offer a gift sourcing service – if there are any gifts or pieces you would like for your home but can’t find on the site then drop me an email on kate@handpickedbykate.com with what you are looking for and I will do my best to find it for you.

Here are a few handpicked items, by me, from Handpicked by Kate, for you! See what I did there? 😉


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