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Camilla Brugnoli is the founder of one of the most delicious swimwear brands on the market today; FOLPETTO.  Her designs consist of frills, patterns and the most gorgeous fabrics, but all with a very understated look.  Chic, is a word that springs to mind when thinking of Folpetto.

Tell me about your life before Folpetto? Born and bred in Venice, Italy, l lived in Paris, and New York before settling down in London, where I worked for over 10 years in the City as an insurance broker.

Making stylish yet practical UPF50+ swimwear was an idea in the back of my mind for quite a while but It took a lot of encouragement from a supportive husband and two gorgeous kids to make me take the plunge to start my own business and launch Folpetto

What’s behind the name? Folpetto means ‘little octopus” in the dialect spoken in Venice, my hometown. I just feel it sums me up so well – as a mother, who wouldn’t want to to have three hearts to give your little ones all your love, and eight arms to cuddle and protect them? Oh and think about all the things you could do with eight arms…multitasking is key

What’s your favourite piece from Folpetto that you’ve ever made and why? Although I love the whole collection so much, I am a huge fan of our rashguards. I just feel they are just what I was looking for my kids’s to wear on the beach and that I couldn’t find before Folpetto was born. I love that all our rashguards are made with UPF50+ and high performance fabrics; that they are practical thanks to clever details like the “easy-on/easy-off” full front zip, but most of all I am proud that they are made with eco-friendly fabrics, made with post consumer recycled material, like abandoned fish nets and other plastic waste collected from the sea, creating our little own circular economy.

I really feel we have managed to combine the chic and playful style of the Italian seaside but without compromising children’s fit and comfort , while protecting them from the harmful UV rays.

What are your plans for Folpetto In 2018? We are planning a few pop ups and in the running up to summer – So follow us on INSTAGRAM NOW!!!  And we are just about to launch our SS18 collection – which has been designed to coordinate with SS17 so to create a sense of continuity and allow for lots of mix and match combinations among the pieces. We really believe in producing quality swimwear, which can be mixed and matched with sibling, cousins and friends…and also “handed down” to them!
So we want mums to feel they are making the most of their swimwear and will not have to dispose of it every time the new collection comes out.

What’s the one thing you’ve learnt that you love the most from having your own business and the one thing you hate the most? I definitely love the flexibility, and to be able to organise my working day –but I also find that sometimes days are never long enough and having the flexibility to spend so much time with my family, also means long evenings (ahem…nights) in front of the computer

When do you stop? You’re a mama of two…do you put yourself rules for no phone time?It is really hard to stop, especially when you are a new brand trying to find your little niche in the market, but sometimes, and especially with children, it’s a must.I don’t have a rule for no phone time but I try my best to not use it when I’m with the kids so we can have some quality time together.

Visit her website and e-shop now, HERE!!

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