Catriona Tyrwhitt’s illustrations

I’m very lucky to know and be friends with Catriona! We live opposite and our little boys seem to, quite luckily, for us, enjoy each other’s company!

But I wouldn’t recommend a talent/product/brand unless I loved it, regardless of who was behind it. So I’m even more excited to present to you, Catriona Tyrwhitt’s Illustrations! She draws the most beautiful A-Z pictures but she can pretty much draw what you like and a lot of her work is bespoke to her clients.

I had a quick chat with my lovely friend to see what got her into it!

What got you into illustrating?I’ve always enjoyed drawing, when I was on maternity leave with my first baby, I made an illustrated alphabet of fish for a friend’s baby which I posted on facebook. Unexpectedly, I had a few requests from friends for prints and so it began. I am now on maternity leave with my second baby and am selling alphabet prints of birds, beasts, nursery rhymes, dogs, magical creatures and a children’s alphabet.

What inspires you? I am most inspired when making something for a loved one, and I am more likely to get to work if I want to create something specific as a gift. I draw inspiration from other artists, whether it’s gallery visits, creative friends, items I see in shops or Instagramming illustrators.

How do you find the time with 2 under 3 (a newborn!!)? I don’t set impossible goals, but it is therapeutic for me to spend my evenings/naptimes drawing rather than getting on with housework or watching TV. I also find it keeps me sane to do something creative for me, when my world is otherwise very focused on my children.

What’s been your favourite ever commission? A few friends have asked me to help with their wedding stationery. I love illustrating maps for invitations and as I’m trying to teach myself calligraphy, I write placecards too. I have also had several commissions for illustrated baby names, which are always fun to make.

Catriona is not mainstream in any way and has only just recently set up her Instagram account which you must all follow: @catrionatyrwhittart,

She also has an etsy page where you can buy from or email directly on

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