Breastfeeding clothes to make you feel pretty!

I temporarily forgot last week, while out shopping, that I couldn’t just shop normally for my new summer wardrobe. I have to think of how easy it is to get my boobie out for the little one… Making my options rather limited. But there are some great pieces out there which can always be adapted if not “perfect” on the hanger. Here are some pieces that I think do the trick …
& other stories (wear this dress back to front (the back has buttons)- I promise it doesn’t look silly, actually I think the bow at the back looks way cuter) £55

Stripey shirts with a pair of jeans. Simple and  understated! Add a pair of sunglasses or some fab sandals! Everywhere from Primark to Sandro and beyond! 

Cos ruffled sleeveless shirt £55 again, skinny jeans and a cute shoulder bag!

Green stripey dress from Anthropologie £98

Whistles dress £110 I’d pair this with some French sole gold ballet flats £140

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