Atelier La Vague

If you’re looking for a burst of luxury for your baby’s wardrobe, look no further than Atelier La Vague.  And before any of you think that soft merino wool is a waste of money on a baby, please think twice as it really is a gorgeous and natural fibre to dress them in during the cold winter months.  And they wash in the washing machine so no hand washing!!

Tiphaine Vincent, founder of Atelier La Vague, was born in the French countryside, between the freshwater of the Loire river and the seawater of the ocean. As a little girl, she learnt how to sew, weave and knit. But she didn’t know what to do exactly so she ended up studying foreign languages which brought her to Bergamo, Italy, and there she felt inspired.

Atelier La Vague arose from this journey, going up the river. A workshop where she has decided to hand-knit as the women of her family taught her. This savoir-faire is very important to her, working with her hands with care and precision.

The idea is simple knits for babies from 0 to 6 months old, essential and unisex items suitable from the very first moments. The neutral colour and the great quality make them perfect for newborn babies.

She works only with 100% pure merino wool from free-range animals. She have chosen this material for its softness and delicacy and it is suitable for babies’ and newborn babies’ sensitive skin. The stitch is stretchy so it is handy for everyday life. The wool is machine washable, produced in the European Union and Oeko-Tex® certificated.

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