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A mama of two and with 9 years of photography experience under her belt, ANNA DEACON PHOTOGRAPHY offers vivid & true photography of your little ones (and adults!) that you’ll want to show everyone and use over and over again.

Anna her daughter.

She has just relocated to Edinburgh from London but is very often back in London for work and inspiration!

Of course photography is personal and one of those things that I might love and you might hate, but read our chat below and you’ll adore her passion, her dedication and her outlook on the world before you even see one of their photographs! To see her full portfolio, CLICK HERE!

What got you into photography?

My Granny was a photographer in the 1950’s and as we grew up she was always taking wonderful pictures of us all, then my parents started a fashion company and we went along on photo shoots with models all over the country which I always loved being involved with and watching them find locations and seeing the end result.

I worked in music PR from the age of 19 and worked alongside some of the country’s very best photographers and travelling all over the world for magazine shoots and covers which was also a wonderful way to experience the world of photography.

I always loved taking pictures myself as a hobby and was rarely without a camera in my hand, but when I had my first child I started taking pictures of her of course, then her friends and so my business began, slowly but gathered pace as my kids got older.

Which celebrity, dead or alive, would you love to photograph?

Ooooh, so many. However if I had to choose it would be Julie Andrews. I’m a huge Mary Poppins fan and just think she has the most fabulous face.

What inspires you externally from photography that you can then apply when working?

I love being outside and being by the sea, I am always inspired by nature. I really love to work outdoors on my photoshoots and using the scenery around to inspire the look of the pictures.

What’s your favourite photo you have ever taken? 

That is a tough question. It changes all the time, but my current favourite is this picture of my kids at Aberlady beach near Edinburgh. It was the first warmish day of spring and we went for an adventure to a new beach and had the whole place to ourselves. I saw the tide had just gone out and left these beautiful tide pools and the reflection of the mountains in them. So I asked the kids to go the other side and just jump up and down holding hands. I have a whole series of pictures from this that I adore, but this is probably my favourite!

When photographing children, how do you get them to cooperate? I presume a lot of psychology is required?

As I have kids myself I am fairly well versed in the things kids like these days and also what makes them tick and giggle, there is a certain amount of childish silliness in me that can usually get a laugh out of them one way or another. However some kids just aren’t going to smile for whatever reason and it is best not to push it. I then pop on a long lense and work from far away so they don’t really realise I’m there, then I can get some really lovely natural behaviour.

What do you do in your spare time that often gives you ideas for work?

We love to travel around as a family, camping, exploring beaches and forests up here in Scotland and all over the world when we can. I also love wild swimming, my cousin got me hooked on it, so I love to jump in the freezing cold sea/loch/lake/river at any given opportunity. It is such a buzz! Again, being outside and seeing how beautiful the world always inspires me.

I also love to visit art galleries and take inspiration from artists and from films. I really enjoy watching movies with my husband (who works in the film industry) and seeing great art directors at work. Some of my best inspirations are actually art directors from films rather that other photographers.

Do you have kids and do you take many photos of them?

I have a daughter aged 10 and a son aged 8 and they are growing up so fast. They aren’t so keen these days to have their picture taken, but I still do whenever I can get away with it.

Being a professional photographer, how do you feel about many “photographers” using only their phones to take pictures?

The industry is totally different to when I started, as most people didn’t have the ability to edit a photograph without spending a fortune on buying and learning photoshop programmes and now you can stick a cool filter on in instagram and transform a simple phone pic into something much more exciting.

But I am all about change and learning to go with it rather than rail against it. I love that there is a whole new generation of kids learning some amazing skills on their phones and that people are enjoying photography so much.

I think that despite this people still value the skills involved in professional photography and I hope that this continues to be the case!


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