Advent Calendars

69 days until CHRISTMAS!!!!!! WOOHOOOOOOOOOO…but only 45 days until you need your ADVENT CALENDAR ready!!!!!!! EEEEEK!

I have always loved an Advent Calendar, never the chocolate type as I think they just suck! but the open window flappy ones where you can actually see what’s behind rather than a plastic tray with a gross chocolate…

But now that my little one is nearly two, I really want to make him one this year which I can keep for him until he’s too old to care.  So i’ve been doing my digging around and here are my favourite that I have found:

SCANDIBORN, Liewood Noel Christmas Calendar £69.95


Fabelab, In the Woods Christmas advent Calendar approx £59

 Fill each of the 24 small pockets with a little gift or part of a story. Every day, there is another surprise waiting for your little one! After opening each pocket, turn them inside out and discover a little character or part of a winter wonderland. Feel inspired to create your own Christmas tale.

Not on the high street personalised advent calendar £30

Pottery Barn Kids, personalised family advent calendar £70 

Nuvonova calendar pouches £32

Some DIY options if you have time:

This one is from Morning Creativity and I love the idea to burst the packaging in order to get to your present!

Hobbycraft wooden train Calendar £15

it arrived plain, but you can decorate as you wish!

Oh Happy Day, mini tree advent calendar 

A little ROBOT advent calendar from Next to Nicx (this was looks quite hard, but i’m sure that’s because i’m not very creative!)

Fox and Star calendar in multicolour


Toy sets: Buy Lego/playmobil/duplo sets and divide them up so that by the end of the advent calendar your child has the whole set!

Notes: forget about material objects and write down a message to your kids for each day. These could be memories you’ve had together that you can then talk about or it could be things to do together from the 1st – 25th December.

Here are some ideas, but make some of your own too:

Read a Christmas book together, Bake mince pies, Watch a Christmas movie , Write a letter to Santa, Go Christmas idea shopping, Think of the Christmas lunch menu together- twist it up a bit?, Think of a Christmas smoothie to make for breakfast, Go and watch a nativity play, Go and hear a carol concert, Donate some unwanted toys/books to a local charity shop, Buy a present for a kid in need (check charities), Visit a soup kitchen for the day, Go ice skating, Go and buy the Christmas tree!!!

Money: put a £1 coin in each window and then let your child decide what he would like to do or buy with it.

Books: a great excuse for a new collection of books!

Christmas tree decorations:mini decorations to add to the tree each day

Fill it with gorgeous little toys: here are some of my favourites…

design your own SUPERHERO comic book, for the boys

Personalised liberty print bracelet, for the girls

3D rocket cookie cutters, for the toddlers 



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