A life in the day of: Victoria Patterson, a physiotherapist and farmers wife!

Mama to a nearly 2 year old little girl, and wife to a farmer, Tori is a Londoner, born and bred, who now lives in a small town in north west Spain called Zamora. She moved there fresh out of uni and she was only meant to stay a year max.  However, as often is the case,  11 years on, there she remains.  Zamora has had a huge impact in her pysiotherapy direction. “Physiotherapy has different specialities I don’t think I would of chosen my current field if it weren’t for my living in Zamora. “
Her friends and family used to assume Tori was moving to Spain for love, but she’s adamant it’s quite the opposite!”I met my husband just over four years ago, he proposed 4.5months into our relationship, we married the following year and Dalia came along a year later.  She is 20 months old and it’s been an amazing few years.”
Tori trained as a physiotherapist straight out of school, fulfilling her life dream of bring a physio since she was about 15 years old!
What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
I suppose the first thing I do when I wake up depends on how I wake up. If it’s with a cry from Dalia then I go to her and settle her etc. If it’s the alarm for work, and Dalia is still asleep, I often go for a long walk with my dog as it really helps my sleep deprived self needs. When I get back, I shower and breakfast.
Talk me through a day in your life…
My days are very varied depending on my shift at the private clinic where I work. If I’m on mornings (9-3) I’ll get up at 7.15 am, get ready, get Dalia ready. I have coffee with my husband, a farmer, before we both go off to work and I drop Dalia off at nursery at 8.45 (everything in Zamora is a moments walk away, thankfully). I’ll work through until 3pm where I’ll go pick up Dalia and she’ll usually fall asleep on way home. I’ll eat lunch at home and do stuff around the house while Dalia naps, then when she wakes up we’ll go to the park etc. I go to the gym regardless of my work schedule twice a week at 9.30pm. If my husband doesn’t have too much work he’ll return home at around 10 which means that we have dinner later and I go to bed around midnight. Dalia should be asleep around 11 but it varies daily as she is not a great sleeper. If I’m on afternoons, like this week, I do the opposite. Doing bits around the house, park etc until I go to work at 3.
Who’s the most exciting person you have met in your career and why?
Most exciting person I’ve met in my career has to be Amostegui: a famous basque women’s health physio, an original favoured physio speciality of mine.
What gets you through the day?
Coffee and cuddles get me though the day. No seriously. I think it’s the thought that I’ve been fortunate enough to choose the life that I lead and I love it. I haven’t settled along the way (although I’ve come dangerously close). I’ve dealt with anxiety and depression and now really value the little things. I’ve literally just popped back from a coffee in the sun with a friend. I can do that here. Coffee is a Euro and as I said everything is walking distance. It’s a little harder now Dalia won’t stop but I do love this life and the friends I’ve made here.
How would you describe your parenting style?
I like to take advantage of the moments I’m with Dalia. I like to have quality time with her. That said I work 35 hours a week but I think feeling able to work is one of my passions makes me a better mum and person. I’m relatively strict. I try my best, I think that’s just what every mum is doing. I’ve been lucky with Dalia. I’m very much doing motherhood ‘alone’  as my parents and family live in the UK and my in laws are older and my husband is a farmer (agricultural engineer if your my mum hehe) so he works very long hours.  Parenting solo has been and continues to be a very hard but very rewarding journey!
If you could go anywhere in the world, for a weeks holiday, where would it be and why?
If I could go anywhere in the world on holiday I’d say Bali or a 5 star sun soaked resort anywhere, without Dalia… just the husband and I for some us time. When Dalia is older I look forward to travelling with her, showing her my beloved London, Paris, New York etc. I want to open her mind as i’m conscious that by living in a small town I need her to see other cultures and people of different races and beliefs.
What’s the last thing you do before bed?
Last thing I usually do before bed is breastfeed Dalia and then when she is finally asleep I like to watch some rubbish TV with my husband.
What would be  your last supper?
My last supper would have to be Italian food: either pizza or pasta or if it’s my LAST, last supper, both. It would have to be real Italian food though. We went on honeymoon to Italy so it would have to be from a tiny restaurant in Florence which I still dream of. Ooh and my weight in tiramisu for pudding.

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