A life in the day of: Sasha Romary, aka The Modern Mama

My name is Sasha and I am originally from NYC but have lived abroad since the age of 15 in Paris, Singapore and now Munich. I have a 2.5-year-old strong-willed but so fun and loving boy and we are expecting baby boy number 2 in just a few weeks! I identify myself as kind of an accidental entrepreneur. While in Paris I launched my first company, a personal concierge service for expatriates and English-speakers helping to navigate the administrative and cultural hurdles of life abroad. After having my son, I wanted to focus on the transition into motherhood, and specifically helping expats in this area as they are bombarded with so much contradicting information and lack the support system that new mothers need when they are far from home. I launched The Modern Mama as a maternity consultant and then focused on the postpartum period with a certification as a postpartum doula. I have clients worldwide that I work with through virtual consultations and see clients here in Munich both virtually and in-person.


What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

Besides looking at my phone and wishing that I could sleep another hour? I usually am woken up by my 2-year-old demanding cereal and Paw Patrol. I get him dressed and ready and my husband takes him to nursery school on his way to work.

Talk me through a day in your life…

As we are new to Munich, I have supplemented our income working as a virtual assistant so I get to work on that for a few hours while I eat breakfast and down a cup or two of coffee. Then I shower, walk the dog and get to work with clients. Depending on the day, I will either be meeting a group of new local moms for our postpartum class, running a pain-management in labor course, visiting a new mom to help her with baby, breastfeeding, finding that new motherhood balance, writing articles for my blog or other websites or chatting with moms-to-be on Skype or FaceTime about baby gear, birth plans, postpartum nutrition and more! Every day is different which keeps it exciting!

I wrap up work around 3pm and grab my bike to go and pick up my son from nursery school. Usually running family errands on the way with a stop in the grocery store or post office. We come home or head to a playground and play for a bit before starting the bath/dinner/bed routine. Once he is in bed, I check in quickly on my assistant work and respond to any emails before relaxing over dinner and usually some Netflix. My husband works late so it is usually just me until about 8:30/9pm when he gets home.

Who’s the most exciting person you have met in your career and why?

I am not sure I have just one! I would say my clients as a whole. Since I specialise in working with expats, my clients have traveled all over the world, worked in all different industries and had such amazing experiences. I enter their lives at such a vulnerable time and I have to mould my services and demeanour quickly based on their needs and expectations. It is a challenge but so rewarding and the things that they have accomplished and experienced are a constant inspiration to me on this expat journey my family is on as well. 

What gets you through the day?

My son is incredibly active, opinionated and constantly on the go! He can be so exhausting but every day there are amazing moments where he just wants to cuddle, tells me he loves me or does something absolutely hilarious that brings me back to the reason that I do everything I do! Its those little moments that make it all worth it. Well, that and the pint of Ben & Jerry’s that we have stocked in our freezer!

How would you describe your parenting style?

20% research-based, lots of Janet Lansbury and reading on “spirited children” and 80% winging it and trial and error! 🙂

If you could go anywhere in the world, for a weeks holiday, where would it be and why?

When we were in Singapore I dreamed of spending months at a time in Bali and would go back there in a total heartbeat! It is the one place I have been with our son where I actually felt like I could relax and be on a proper vacation while traveling with a young child and that to me is totally golden. Honestly, I am not sure a week is long enough for Bali!

What’s the last thing you do before bed?

I wish I could say that I do some relaxing yoga but really I scroll through Instagram!

What would be your last supper?

Sushi! It might just be because I’m pregnant and am seriously missing sushi but I could eat sushi every day, easy!

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