A life in the day of: Katie Rose, PR & Marketing for Olivier Baby & Kids

A lot of you may know Katie already. PR and Marketeer extraordinaire from Olivier baby and Kids, London.  With 3 darlings to look after daily and a full time role, one wonders how she does it all! (see interview below!)

Katie has a vast amount of PR experience, from working at Christie’s auction house, to having her own travel PR agency with a dear friend, pre kids.  As we all know, kids and life changes often throw new challenges and direction to your life, and after a move out the country by her Travel PR agency partner and the birth of her child, Katie has delved into the world of childrenswear PR, a world she knows all too well and one that she knew she would live and breathe for many years to come.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
I live very close to Battersea Park so I get up at 6am and go for a long walk around the park for an hour every morning before my husband and children get up.  It is my total escapism and the only time of the day I have to myself. I love it, especially at this time of year, as London is in full bloom. The time to myself gives me a clear head, not to mention a bit of exercise and fresh air, before I start the day..
Talk me through a day in your life…
I work every day but part time so my weeks are meticulously planned.  Mondays – Fridays I take my three children (Willa, 8, Bertie, 6 and Ivy, 3) to school and nursery every morning then go on to work.  I like to be present for my children as much as I can and to be able to do the daily drop offs and pick ups allows me to be involved in their school and nursery life which is very important to me.  At the end of last year we opened our flagship store on the Northcote Road and our office is at the back of the shop. It is a lovely place to work and means we can all have daily interaction with our customers too.  Being a relatively small business we all get in involved in all areas, so each day varies from one to the next. My day to day job involves anything from sending off press samples for a shoot, packing up a wholesale order, serving a customer or meetings with journalists, marketing teams and other brands for future collaborations.
What has been your most fulfilling moment at Olivier London?
It would be hard to pin point one particular moment as I think just seeing how far we’ve grown as a brand in the four years that i have been working at Olivier London is probably the most fulfilling achievement.  In the beginning we each worked from home and since then we have had two offices, a stock room, a pop up shop and now a flagship store and separate online fulfilment centre.  Having said all that without doubt seeing Princess Charlotte photographed in our cream rose stitch cashmere cardigan for her official first birthday portrait about a year after Prince George was also photographed in one of our star back cashmere cardigans (now known as the George cardigan) was certainly a momentous moment for us all here. I think it was pivotal in the realisation that the brand had grown exponentially to the next level and we were suddenly world-widely recognisable.
What gets you through the day?
Being organised – I am a total neat freak and planner so as long as my house is tidy and i know exactly how my day is going to pan out then i can be 100% efficient in all that i do – even if that does mean throwing everything into a cupboard and closing the door!! Oh and good filter coffee, lots of it.
How would you describe your parenting style?

It will come as no surprise on reading the above that i like routine and this is no different when it comes to my parenting style.  However i would say I am pretty relaxed and easy going when there aren’t jobs to be done (or piano practice or spelling tests!).  I always try and have one on one time with each of my children as often as possible.  I think the most important thing as a parent is to be close enough to your children that they feel they can tell you anything and we all have busy lives that it is lovely to be able to bring it back to one on one time every now and again.

Olivier baby and kids, London, has a store in Battersea, 151 Northcote road, SW11 6QB.

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